Meet Our Moderators

  • Clay DethloffClay Dethloff
    Senior Vice President
    Email Clay
    Industry Focus: CPG, Consumer Services, Restaurants, B2B, Durable Goods
    Techniques: Digital Qualitative, In-Person Qualitative, Innovation, Ethnography
    Audience: U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Australia

  • Roger Wallace Roger Wallace
    Email Roger
    Industry Focus: Healthcare, Technology, Home Products and Services, Automotive, Telecommunications, Electronics
    Techniques: Innovation, Traditional & Digital Qualitative, Website Heuristics
    Audience: U.S. Consumers, B2B executives, Imaginators?

  • Gretchen RiskindGretchen Riskind
    Qualitative Consultant
    Email Gretchen
    Industry Focus: CPG, Food & Beverage, Technology, Consumer Products
    Techniques: Digital Qualitative & In-Person Qualitative, Ethnography
    Audience: Children, Teenagers, Family, B2B Executives

  • Marie AdamsMarie Adams
    Project Director
    Email Marie
    Industry Focus: CPG, Food & Beverage, OTC Medications, Apparel
    Techniques: Digital Qualitative, Innovation, Project Management, Time-Extended Qualitative
    Audience: U.S. Consumers, B2B Executives, Imaginators?

  • Bonnie JanzenBonnie Janzen
    Executive Vice President
    Email Bonnie
    Industry Focus: CPG, Retail, & Automotive Industries
    Techniques: Focus Groups, Depth Interviews, Ethnographies (In-Person & Digital)
    Audience: Families & Consumers In North America

  • Felicia RogersFelicia Rogers
    Executive Vice President
    Email Felicia
    Industry Focus: CPG, Food & Beverages, HVAC & B2B Industries
    Techniques: Focus Groups, Depth Interviews (In-Person)
    Audience: B2B & Consumers In North America

  • Sara SuttonSara Sutton
    Senior Vice President
    Email Sara
    Industry Focus: Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare Industries
    Techniques: Focus Groups, Depth Interviews (In-Person)
    Audience: Medical Professionals, Providers, Patients/Consumers, and Caregivers

  • Tom AllenTom Allen
    Vice President
    Email Tom
    Industry Focus: Financial Services, Home Improvement, Restaurant, Retail Industries
    Techniques: Depth Interviews (In-Person, Phone, Video Chat), Online Qualitative
    Audience: Consumers, Contractors, B2B


Experienced Qualitative Consultants

Decision Analyst has over four decades of qualitative research experience and is a leader in innovative qualitative techniques. Our experienced moderators can recommend the qualitative technique best suited to your research needs.

For more information on our Qualitative Research services, please email Clay Dethloff, Senior Vice President, at, or call him at 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.